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Residential Painting

The Right Residential Company for House Painting in Minneapolis, Minnesota

AAG Painting LLC Company in Minneapolis, MN is a proud provider of quality residential interior and exterior painting services in Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding areas. We have 10 years of experience working with home builders and homeowners to keep their new or existing houses and condos in excellent condition. We are experts in providing quality paint finishes on any house or condominium. If you need an affordable house painting or condo painting company, AAG Painting LLC Company is the right choice!

Interior Painting

Interior painting doesn’t have to be a difficult, messy and out-of-control job, so hire the experts at AAG Painting LLC. Our interior paint jobs are known to be of high quality; due to our experience, we will enter and leave your residence in a very short time, always with the aim of exceeding your expectations.

There are many advantages to doing an interior paint job and the most recognized are:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Increases the exterior attractiveness of your property
  • Choose colors with designs and moods.
  • You can improve air quality by choosing Low VOC or ZERO
  • Protect your walls

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is also very important to your property because it has the potential to make great first impressions. The first thing your neighbors, friends and costumers see is the exterior of your property. That is why it is important that the quality of the exterior paint is of high quality.
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Here at AAG Painting LLC, we use the best materials on the market to provide you with a high-quality, durable exterior painting solution. Exterior painting has the ability to:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Increase the exterior attractiveness of your property
  • Protect the coating of your property
Are you looking for a company to provide you with a high-quality and cost-effective drywall installation? Look no more! AAG Painting LLC is locally known in Minneapolis, MN to provide high-quality finishes along with friendly prices. AAG Painting LLC never sacrifices quality over lower prices; thus, we are passionate about our work and committed to customer satisfaction. Call our team today for a free estimate on your upcoming project!
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Painting Finishing

When it’s time to paint a room in your home, color isn’t the only thing to consider. Choosing the right types of paint finishes will determine the final look of your room. With so many types of wall paint to choose from, it’s important to understand which finish or sheen works best in certain spaces. Contact us today and get a free estimate.

Texture Painting

Our teams know how to mix paints and primers to achieve the exact color and texture you want. We have the necessary tools to add texturing to interior walls. And we know the techniques to get the job done without drips, bubbles, or an uneven finish. No need to repaint before you’re ready, or to spend more time and money than you planned on repainting. Wall texturing is a great way to experiment with a new look, update your interior design to coordinate with your favorite pieces of decor or furniture, and make a great impression on guests, tenants, and visitors.

Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal projects are planned for a number of reasons. Painting over wallpaper is going to make your paint finish more vulnerable to paint damage over time. It’s best to paint on a totally smooth surface. And you’ll only get that with complete wallpaper removal. When preparing for property or home sales, it’s often best to remove or redo any definitive design touches. That way, the new prospective owner or tenant is free to visualize their plans for the property. Wallpaper removal, followed by a fresh coat of neutral paint, leaves a sense of possibility for new occupants.

Drywall Repair

Are there holes and/or cracks on your drywall? This can decrease, not only the aesthetics of your residence, but also its value. No to worry! AAG Painting LLC is here to help! Our team has over 10 years of experience in the drywall industry and can assist your needs with high-quality, great customer service, and fair prices. Contact our team today for a free estimate!

Power Washing

Ready to clean the dirty and scum off your home’s exterior, driveway, or walkways? Boost your curb appeal with a pressure wash! Our team serves clients with excellence—it’s what we’re known for. When you choose us, you’re choosing the best in the business. That is a choice that you can be confident about.
Power washing lets your home look its best. No matter what surface your home has—painted or not—power washing is a safe and effective method of cleaning. It is customized to all types of surfaces. Power washing is important because it removes grime, dust, and dirt so that your house looks fresh and clean—it also helps protect from damage caused by build-up. Our team offers pressure washing services for the Minneapolis, MN and cover the states of Minnesota at cost-effective prices. Contact our team today to schedule an onsite visit.